GAMA 2012 Updates

Welcome To GAMA In 2012

Welcome to the spring – people seem to be waking up after the winter’s hibernation and are getting prepared for the summer. It is early days but GAMA is beginning to get involved in a few festivals and events for the year.

Gama 2011

We are busy getting ready for this summer – it is early days and people seem to be just waking up after the winter, and we are beginning to get involved in quite a few festivals and events.

2010 Festivals

Festivals Update – Spring 2010

After the longest winter in memory & what seemed like a slow start to the year, the season for GAMA and summer festivals is now gearing up nicely. Here’s our spring update on what Gama have got planned so far for the coming year.

UPDATE: BGG 2009 tickets bought for GAMA field.

GAMA has had negotiations with the Green Phoenix Festival, 19th – 22nd August 2010, near Newcastle, & is pleased to announce that they will accept GAMA tickets from last years cancelled Big Green Gathering for their GAMA area.

RADAR Locks for toilets

Toilet news alert!
After many phone calls, negotiating, chatting to people and using our common sense, we can now confirm that padlocks can be bought from the RADAR lock manufacturers that will fit onto a normal hasp & clasp to go on portable toilets (portaloos).