Well, another year of Boomtown and what can I say – This festival lurches from chaos to creativity, amazement to serenity like no other.

The first thing to say is that the support we get towards The Meadow from the management and people in charge of Boomtown is total, and I would like to thank them very much. They really do mean it when they say they want total inclusivity. That might be a bit hard given that the festival seems to be held on the side of a mountain (that’s a slight exaggeration – but only slight). But everyone gives their all. The second thing to say is a massive thank you to all The Meadow crew – Freya, Owen, Jody, Katie, Louise, Vicky and David – who worked their socks off not only with the hours that they did, but also with their support, help and commitment to our visitors.

The Meadow was an enclosed area between the camper van area and Sunrise area in Hilltop. The blue badge car park was relatively near, which aided us getting people in and out of the site. We ran our own wheelchair-friendly buggy, to and from The Meadow to link in with Downtown – up to 5 am in the morning on the Friday and Saturday nights, and till 2 am on the Sunday. The fact that we had a regular “bus stop” system that we could inform people of really made it easier to help people get about.

We had more guests that ever – we had approximately 120 guests, with a whole variety of needs, plus their carers, mates, friends, family and assorted others. Making a total of about 400 people. We also supported where we could others who camped with mates in the other camping areas.

The feedback we have received has been tremendous:

“Hi Jos, I just wanted to say a massive thank you, to you and your team at Boomtown. It was our first ever music festival and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. The buggy/ golf car which was used to get the wheelchairs up and down the hill was a welcome relief, and meant that we were able to just relax and enjoy the festival. Not to mention the rescue service on the Friday when the wheelchair ran out of power!!!

The campsite was really well organised with all the essentials such as Power for the Electric wheelchairs and computers/ Communication devices. And again your team was relaxed and flexible. I genuinely don’t think we would have had so much fun without your help.
Thanks so much, A and B.”

Hi Jos, Just wanted to contact you and say a huge THANK YOU for all the support at Boomtown. Thanks to the enablers who enabled me to access much more of the magic of Boomtown than I would have without their support.
Yours, M.

Hi Jos, How are you? Firstly I want to say thanks you to you and all of your team for your hard work and dedication at Boomtown this year. As soon as we arrived in the disabled parking area we were sorted out by Jodie and friends – excellent, thanks so much. The taxi idea was brilliant.
Yours, S and S

Once again Jos and her team Gama were amazing. They create a safe, happy and fun environment for us to camp out and make sure that the festival facilitates to our needs. I can only report positive feedback from the accessibility campsite area.
From J.

We have also received plenty of suggestions for continuing the improvements we want to provide in The Meadow and around the site for everyone. Particularly we are looking at entrance gate issues, and the positioning of The Meadow area. We are already in discussions for next year, and the Boomtown 2016 website for tickets is already up and running. We have had a meeting with the organisers and can promise you an even better festival in 2016 (if that is possible!)

Yours, Jos and the Meadow Team.

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