Boomtown Fair was held on the 7th – 10th August 2014, just outside Winchester. The site had been expanded from 2013, and incorporated more camping, more stages, more venues and more amazing city sets and character avenues.

The Gama area had moved from “Downtown” in 2013, to “Uptown” in 2014. This enabled us to have a larger allocated camping area, and since more of the stages and events were Uptown, we were close by, with fairly good pathways and routes through. Most people really enjoyed our new camping area Uptown, but there were two or three who really missed being in “Downtown”, and would have preferred it we had a camp there.

The Gama camping area was called “The Meadow” – and was very cleverly situated near a boundary gate that we had pretty much exclusive use of. We had a large enough area to accommodate all of the campers that wanted to be with us, and some of the Blue Badge vehicles. We had a Gama list of 56 groups on it before we started, and then a few more joined on once they had arrived. Our camping area was next to the family camping/quiet camping.

Many of the groups camped in the Gama area, or in the family camping area. However quite a few (probably about 20) camped with their mates in different parts of the site. We did have use of a buggy to help transport people around, but once the site was full and the paths were crowded it took ages to get the buggy around the place. I drove it for one day, and going up and down the hill, and into the crowds of Downtown, was quite scary! – Next year we may have to review this and just agree a buggy service to and from the main car park to The Meadow, and not challenge ourselves so much around the site.

I think everyone had an amazing time – the facilities of locked wide access toilets and the dedicated camping area definitely helped. There are still no viewing platforms on the stages, and that is something I really want to keep pushing for in the next few years. I know the site is not he easiest (to be fair it is probably the hardest in terms of its natural terrain) but we have to keep doing all we can. What makes Boomtown so special is the energy that all the organisers put into it, their awareness and commitment to disability support on site, and the energy, humour and goodwill of the Meadow guests and visitors.

One comment we have received about Boomtown 2014:

Hi Boomtown,
First, a huge thank you to Jos in disabled camping, she does a great job in helping before and during the fest. The Meadow is a much better site that where it was last year. Access getting in and out was good, and the Eco Bond queue was quick. After enjoying it so much last year we didn’t think it could get any better but, WOW! It was amazing plus ! – loved the new stages, especially The Old Mines, Jolly Dodger and Rusty Spurs in the Wild West. We can’t wait for next year to bring 3 generations of the family. Thanks to everyone for the hard work building such a special magical place.”.

After enjoying it so much last yr. we didn’t think it could get any better but, WOW! it was amazing plus! Loved the new stages, especially Old Mines, Jolly Dodger & Rusty Spurs in Wild West.
We cant wait for next Yr. to bring 3 generations of the family.

Thanks to everyone for the hard work building such a special magical place

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