Sunrise 2013, by Michael FungGosh – after a really busy and warm and sunny summer, Sunrise seems like a very long time ago.    Sunrise was held on a new site just north of Warminster – an ex-golf course that had fallen by the wayside.  This meant that there were good access roads to and from the site, and fairly even flat access around the site (apart from the sand pits!).  The Gama field was placed near the entrance – which had its advantages, in that access to and from the outside world was easy – and a disadvantage in that there was a time during the festival when a walkway had to be created through the field to get campers from the coach drop-off to the camping areas.

The Gama field was enclosed, and a good size.  We were right beside medical and welfare and near the performance arenas. We had plenty of room, and the marquee served as a great meeting place/information area, and electric charging point.  We had five crew, one volunteer helper, and about 88 adults and 20 children camping with us.   The weather was great.  About half the Gama visitors had been with us before; and the rest were new.  We had about three groups who came in each day and were staying in local hotels, or were local themselves.

We got some lovely thank you’s that make it all worthwhile:

just wanted to say a big thank you to you and all yr crew in the GAMA field at the Sunrise festival. you were all awesome. helpful and considerate and it made a world of difference to my festival experience. and I know other campers in the field all felt the same. so big up to you and the crew. hope to see you at another festival again soon,   best wishes,

We had one theft from a tent, which upset us, but we did manage to find the wallet (which had sentimental value for the owner) when we were clearing up at the end, so returned it to them.  But the money was gone.  This was our first theft from a Gama area – but it did bring up some very useful discussions about safety and security in our camping areas.

A big thank you to all the site crew and other people around Sunrise that really helped make it such a positive and good experience. We are not sure what is happening with Sunrise for 2014 – I personally really liked the site, and could envisage it being used in the future by other sunrises, or other festivals, at the moment we will have to wait and see… Watch this space, and when we get any news, we’ll pass it on.

Photography by Michael Fung Photography © 2013 All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Sophie

    I meant to write this after Sunrise but somehow forgot! I can’t praise the crew highly enough for their friendliness and care. My daughter and her partner, both with learning disabilities, really enjoyed their first festival, pretty well entirely down to the lovely safe cosy atmosphere in the GAMA field. It was great to know we didn’t have far to walk to the arena, we had our own loos and shower, and when they got tired they could rest up at the tent and I knew they were in a safe space. Thank you so so much! Although I forgot to write this review, I’ll never forget how welcoming you all were! Lots of love!

  2. Jos

    Hi Sophie – lovely to hear from you, and so glad that your daughter and partner enjoyed Sunrise 2013. So, yes we will be running a Gama field for Sunrise 2014, and we are looking forward to seeing many people there again this year. Yours, Jos.

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