As well as our regular duties at Sunrise, we also worked for the first time with
Action On Hearing Loss” – formerly known as the Royal National Institute for the Deaf.

We had two volunteers, both who work for the organisation, and signers, going around the festival and chatting to folks about hearing problems, music noise and ear protection. The following is their short report:

The weather made things a tad tricky for us. Despite this we are pleased to say that we completed around 150 surveys, and handed out hundreds of earplugs, badges, wristbands. We also educated many people about the work that we do and the importance of hearing protection. This included encouraging people to buy quality earplugs and ear defenders for their children. We had some great feedback and were told by many people how good it was to see us there, as they had personally experienced tinnitus and hearing issues as a result of listening to loud music at events in the past.

To Cara and Marc, thank you so much, and we look forward to working with Action On Hearing Loss in the future. We understand they are bringing some volunteers to Secret Garden Party.

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