After the longest winter in memory and what seemed like a slow start to the year, the season for GAMA and the summer festivals is now gearing up nicely and we are getting busy. Penny is busy making up a set of GAMA postcards for each festival; Miki is devising a GAMA survey; and Mike has worked on putting together this new wonderful website.

In date of event order, we are now involved in the following:

Sunrise Festival – 3rd / 6th June 2010

GAMA has been confirmed to run the green access area on site, and we are involved in all the planning and logistics. Jos, Penny and Jane all attended the site visit and planning meeting last weekend, which was very positive. The GAMA area during the festival will be run by Miki and Penny, and their dedicated crew.

Sunrise very kindly agreed to offer a “ticket swap” for those who bought GAMA tickets for last years Big Green Gathering, which did not take place. This scheme is now drawing to a close, and hopefully all those that wanted to swap, have done so. This is being administered by Jos and all those that responded will be hearing from Jos in the next few weeks. This scheme was put into place for just the GAMA tickets, and does not include any other tickets. For any further information regarding general BGG tickets, look on the BGG website.

Glastonbury Festival – 23rd / 27th June 2010

GAMA has been involved in feedback from last year, and Miki sent in a resume of comments for their planning meeting for this year. The disabled facilities at Glastonbury are constantly being extended and increased, and GAMA hope to continue being involved in all aspects of this work. We are happy to continue liaising with the Festival’s own support staff, and hope to be a positive and vibrant part of future developments.

Glade Festival – 15th / 18th July 2010

Seagh and Mike are cracking on with organising the Glade festival disabled access. This will be the second year on the very successful new site at Matterley Bowl, near Winchester, so this year we know more of what to expect. They are planning a slightly larger team this year and have started liaising with the Glade organisers to bring about the best camping facilities within this incredible dance festival.

Croydon Mela and World Party – Saturday 31st July, 2010

The world party is taking place on Saturday 31st July, and the Croydon Mela on the Sunday 1st August, both in Lloyd Park. Jos is working on a new venture with the organisation Green Stewards to train up the stewards in Access support and information. We have put together a training package which will provide practical advice, an outline of the legal obligations, support inclusivity, and give confidence to the stewards to help all the public.

Shambala Festival – 27th / 30th August 2010

The report we got from last year’s Shambala was that the Access area was their busiest one yet – this year Jos has started having discussions with the organiser and we hope to continue supporting the area in what ever way we can.

Out of the Ordinary Festival – 17th / 19th September 2010

Miki and Penny have started thinking and planning for this years Out of the Ordinary, a charming little festival held in the Sussex Downs. Each year the festival takes on more eco planning and conscious thinking, encouraging zero waste and only functioning on green power and eco products.

So that’s where we are so far – If there are any other festivals that you would like us to get involved with, or any campaigns we can do, please let us know. As we get further involved during the season we will update this regularly. Similarly, if you want to be more involved with GAMA, sign up to the email newsletter, follow us on twitter, or just contact us.

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  1. Andy Smith

    Sounds great – keep up the good work guys and girls. i have a friend that uses your gama area at sunrise and has only good things to say about it.

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