We are busy getting ready for this summer – it is early days and people seem to be just waking up after the winter, and we are beginning to get involved in quite a few festivals and events. In vague chronological order we have so far :

Meadowlands 27 – 29th May

A small happy little festival in the Sussex countryside. They are in their third year and GAMA is hoping to support and advise them with their website information and compliance on site.

Sunrise Celebration 2nd – 5th June, Somerset.

GAMA has been working with Sunrise for about five years now, and each year we are aware of things we want to get better. Sunrise are committed to compliance, and we are supporting them in a site-wide approach. We are having a GAMA field as usual; at sunrise, and we are working with traders, the venues and the organisers to increase accessibility in every aspect of the festival. We are running a GAMA information line and have already had quite a few enquiries. Last year Sunrise helped out a lot of GAMA people by accepting “swaps” on tickets from the Big Green Gathering cancelled from the year before.

Glastonbury 22 – 26 June, Somerset.

We are hoping to continue working with Glastonbury and meeting with them to support their disabled provisions on site. Last year they introduced a showcase afternoon for performers with disabilities on the Continental Drifts stage. We are proposing that one of the GAMA team do a photo/story and interviews of accessibility on site.

Glade 10 – 12 June.

We understand that the Glade Festival has new dates, and a new site. We are waiting to hear back from the organisers. The important thing for us is that if the Glade is back on form after the unfortunate cancellation last year, then if it has different people running it, they need to be aware of the GAMA facilities that are normally provided on site, and of how well Seagh and Mike run the GAMA area. Seagh and Mike have provided flexibility and support throughout the previous years for the Glade, and each year the area has got larger and more appreciated.

Green Gathering 2011 27 – 31 July, Berkshire

The Green Gathering is a small gathering, up to 5000 people, with having fun, green education and ecological principles at its core, for the end of July. We have been asked to run a GAMA field on site, which we are happy to do. The organisers are also keen to support and push for site wide compliance for all its stalls, cafes and venues. The site is flat and easily serviceable and we are hoping that it will be a great new green success! If you would like to buy tickets or look at their site, here’s the link: www.greengathering2011.com

Brighton Pride 13th August

Brighton Pride seems to have become a victim of its own success. Last year the Park was packed, and most of the facilities got swamped (in the case of the wide access toilets – literally!) GAMA has been asked to take on the stewarding of the wide access loos. There are also proposals to cordon off the Pride area, and charge for entry, so there are issues we are a GAMA group will need to consider before making any definite plans with Pride. We would like to be able to support Pride in Brighton and help them provide good access for everybody.

Out of the Ordinary 23 – 25 September, Sussex.

We hope to be well involved again for the Out of The Ordinary Festival. This has become a GAMA favourite for many people in the local area.

Alchemy Festival 16 – 18 September, Lincolnshire.

We are waiting to hear what is happening with this one.

That’s all for now – as the season progresses I am sure we will get more information to share. If any one out there wants more information, advice on compliance, and other access and festival/outdoor event information, do contact us.

We are here to receive as well as give information, and the more we can do, and campaign for, the more between us we can achieve. Photos, stories, anecdotes, questions and answers – all welcome.

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