Welcome to the spring – people seem to be waking up after the winter’s hibernation and are getting prepared for the summer. It is early days but GAMA is beginning to get involved in a few festivals and events for the year. In vague chronological order we have so far:

Glade: 14th – 17th June, Norfolk

Once again the Glade will be held at Houghton Hall, North Norfolk. Whether you want to dance the night away to the best international DJ’s or chill out with your mates and a cup of chai/beer, it’s a great site!. Loads of level ground and free draining soil meaning the risk of mud is minimal compared to many other sites.

There will be a Supported Access Area for both tents and camper vans along with all the usual facilities; blue badge parking, accessible loos and showers, wheelchair battery charging, etc… Plus loads of support getting equipment into and out of the camping areas, they’ll even put up your tent if you need them to! If you have any special requirements, want to apply for a PA ticket or just want to ask about facilities you can contact the festival by email at: access@gladefestival.com

Sunrise Celebration: 22nd – 24th June, Somerset

The festival is running from the Friday to the Sunday inclusive, with the possibility of the Thursday 21st being included as an extra day for the Solstice.Check their website for details of this arrangement.

GAMA has been working with Sunrise for about six years now, and each year we are aware of things improving, and of things we want to get even better. The feedback we had from last year’s visitors’ shows we are all definitely on the right track…. Sunrise is committed to compliance, and we are supporting them in a site-wide approach. We are having a GAMA field as usual; it is a large and active place, and we are working with traders, the venues and the organisers to increase accessibility in every aspect of the festival. We are running a GAMA information line and have already had quite a few enquiries. This year sunrise is bidding to be larger and even more event-filled than it has been in previous years.

Secret Garden Party: 19th – 22nd July

SGP will once again be providing its unique party atmosphere at Abbots Ripton in Cambridgeshire. It’s a wonderful place to catch a really eclectic line up, join in a few debates, listen to poetry, watch some live theatre or just eat drink and be merry! The site is beautiful but does present a few issues for those with limited mobility. It’s a greenfield site so can get muddy in our wonderful British weather! It’s also a little hilly although the main arenas are on fairly level ground. There is a set of steps leading to a pontoon bridge over a picturesque lake, but there is an alternative way around this.

There will be a Supported Access Camping/Camper van Area as well as all the usual facilities; blue badge parking, accessible loos and showers, wheelchair charging points, etc…. Help will be available to help you get your equipment to the camping area and set up your tent if needed etc… If you have any specific requirements, want to apply for a PA ticket or just ask about facilities, you can email the festival at: access@secretgardenparty.com

Boomtown: 9th – 12th August, Secret Location in South UK

Last year was GAMA’s first foray into Boomtown, and they only invited us in two weeks before the event – we “worked on the hoof” and did whatever needed doing. Boomtown is energetic, young, exciting, a bit dangerous and very enjoyable. The organisers really want to “get it right” and have asked for GAMA to be involved far more early on this year.

We ran an open GAMA area as part of the “family and disabled camping” area. This area was equally divided into camper vans and tentage. The field was nearest to and easily accessible to the events arenas. We had no specific power supply to the GAMA area but everyone managed to find hook-ups for wheelchair charging if they needed it. GAMA is really pleased to be involved in this years Boomtown, and no doubt it will be bigger and better than ever.

Strummer of Love: 17th – 19th August, Somewhere in South of England

We are delighted to be involved with “Strummer of Love”, a one-off festival dedicated to the life and works of Joe Strummer. We are working alongside the organisers to ensure an event that is fully accessible to all. If you have specific requirements please let the organisers know when you purchase your tickets. It has a great line up and should be lots of fun.

For more info, see the website – www.strummeroflove.com

Over The Moon, 14th – 16th September , Sussex

Out of the Ordinary is now being called “Over The Moon” Festival – it is taking place 14 – 16 September, and I am sure GAMA will be involved with the event as it normally is.

Alchemy Festival: 21st – 23rd September, Lincolnshire

We are waiting to hear what is happening with this one.

If you want to “register” your place in the GAMA areas for either Sunrise or Boomtown do contact us via GAMA. If you have any further questions about any of the festivals mentioned here, please do contact us.

As the season progresses we will get more information to share. If any one out there wants more information, advice on compliance, and other access and festival/outdoor event information, get in touch with us. We are here to receive as well as give information, and the more we can do, and campaign for, the more between us we can achieve. Photos, stories, anecdotes, questions and answers, – all welcome!

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