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After many phone calls, negotiating, chatting to people and using our common sense, we can now confirm that padlocks can be bought from the RADAR lock manufacturers that will fit onto a normal hasp & clasp to go on portable toilets (portaloos).

This will enable all festivals and outdoor events to have RADAR locks on their portable toilets, ensuring that the wide access toilets are only used by those people that need to use them – and not by any one who should not be using them…

The padlocks are quite chunky and need a “space” of at least 1cm (so the small staple type device on each side of the door are not big enough). They can be opened by the normal RADAR key that most people with disabilities have, and this would stop the abuse of these toilets by people who are not disabled and should not be using them.

Large notices would need to be put on the toilet to say this is a RADAR padlock, so people know it can only be accessed by those with the keys.

Like anything that is new, do try them out first and check they work for your event. If you are a festival organiser do get one in advance and check them with your portaloo provider…

The padlocks are £15.96 each & the keys are £2 plus P & P. They can be bought from:

N & C Ltd,
41 – 51 Freshwater Road,
Chadwell Heath,
RM18 1SP

The man to speak to is Graham Hardwell, phone number 020 8586 4600.

They can be purchased by festival organisers or by portable wide access toilet suppliers, as long as the hasp and clasp is already attached to the toilet…….. Extra keys can be bought to give to the cleaning staff.

You are welcome to pass this information on to any other festival organisers and portaloo suppliers that you deal with.

Another First!

We can also announce that Shambala has said that it will provide the locks on all their wide access toilets at the 2009 festival.

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  1. Festiepixi

    At last – I’ve been looking for these for aaaaaages! Thanks for that folks – will get onto the company.

  2. Helen farmer

    At Shambala 2009, the toilets were a joy! They didn’t get blocked or full, and there were no pools of pee all over them! Any chance of RADAR locks at Sunrise this year?

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