Feedback’s a great tool – it lets us know if we’re on the right track (or not).

Feedback helps us define and support what you want; it helps the festival organisers who may be feeling not sure what to provide, and it should help any workers, visitors and performers to the festival. Whether it is festivals that GAMA are involved with or ones that are not, it does not matter  – as what the festival should be providing is reasonable access for all. We are happy to get involved with any outdoor events.

Get in touch & let us know your thoughts on Gama, festivals – anything you like! Leave us a comment below or drop us an email.

Here’s some of the feedback we have received so far:

“We went to Sunrise with GAMA with my son who has recently been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. I can’t thank you enough, we would never have been able to go to a Festival normally due to Leo’s intolerance of noise and people in general. The GAMA camp provided a safe place for him and for the first time he was able to play with other kids, who are generally much more accepting and tolerant.”

Thank you once again to the GAMA team. You do an amazing job looking after us. Ever year we are met with smiles. Its like being part of a big festival family. From the minute we arrive we are offered help with tents and getting round, you answer all our questions no matter how silly. Any problems are solved from muddy paths to tents falling down. The locked toilets are always clean which makes a huge difference. If anyone has doubts about being able to cope at a festival with a disability I would strongly recommend they pick a GAMA festival because you make it possible for us. You all work non-stop to make sure we have the best time possible. We love you all. See you in a field somewhere next year.

I would like to commend Jos, the accessibility manager at the festival. She was brilliant last year and has been trying to help us arrange things this year. She is utterly wonderful and puts a massive amount of effort into looking after her clients, despite considerable natural difficulties with festival terrain and accessibility….