Croissant Neuf Family Friendly Fun
Sunrise Festival The off-grid, eco friendly sustainable festival
Big Green Gathering The worlds premier award winning festival
Out Of The Ordinary 3 day eco & family friendly festival set in the beautiful Sussex countryside celebrating the Autumn Equinox.
Glade The UK’s best open air electronic music festival.
Glastonbury Festival No need for further explanation.
Shambala Shambala is known as the festival goer’s festival.
Green Gathering The 2011 Green Gathering promotes and platforms sustainable lifestyles.

Bands & Music

Unity & Division the punkfolk/ska four-piece from London serving up bitter-sweet lyrics with music that’s raw, edgy and ringing with heartfelt harmonies…
Heavy Load Brighton’s answer to The Ramones. A punk outfit subject to the combustible flux of ego, ambition, fantasy, expectation and desire that fuels any emerging band. But they’re also uniquely comprised of musicians with & without learning disabilities.

Disabled Companies

The Wheel Life Guide A directory of information on all leisure and lifestyle activities for the wheelchair user.

General Information

Permanently Seated Information resource for green-field event goers that need that bit more help.
Stay Up Late The Stay up Late Campaign is run by Heavy Load. Lots of people come to our gigs, but they cannot stay out late to watch us. They have to go home early because their staff finish work at 10pm. We think people with a learning disability have the right to stay up late and have some fun!
Festivals For All Fantastic site packed full of info and resources for festival goers.
Action On Hearing Loss Formerly know as RNID, Action On Hearing Loss are experts in providing support for people with hearing loss and tinnitus.