Gama Access Areas CIC is an established & specialist Community Interest Company providing accessible camping areas and on site facilities to support people with disabilities & special needs, along with their families and carers at festivals and outdoor events. We aim to work with festival organisers to provide a bespoke, professional, informative and supportive service to all those with disabilities, site wide. These are some of the services that Gama can provide for your event:

Legal Requirement Advisory

We can advise festival organisers of their statutory duties towards those with disabilities, and recommend the “reasonable adjustments” needed to comply. We can also help them define and increase their social responsibility.


We can work with festival organisers to ensure the most cost-effective ways of carrying out their access improvements. This does not have to cost a lot, and improvements in access for all on site have shown themselves to be cost effective to the festival and local area as a whole.

Information Acessibility

We can advise on website design and improvements in website accessibility for those with visual impairments. We can produce bespoke leaflets & other materials for stall holders, venues and other festival areas to help them provide good access for all.


We can provide training and support, advice and consultation to festivals. This is done by a small team of people who have attended festivals for many years and who have built up a specialised knowledge of working in festival situations with people with disabilities. We can provide information on specific facilities, such as viewing platforms.

Access Auditing

We can do full site wide Access Audits pre–festival. This includes the physical properties of the site, access routes around the site, the placing of venues, activities and services, and specific disabled support and camping area recommendations.

Area Management

We can liaise with all other on site support services – Build crew, Transport crew, Health and Safety, Medical, Welfare, Children’s area, etc, to ensure a smooth and consistent provision for disabled people on site.


We can provide our own team of trained and CRB checked support staff for the accessible camping area. We maintain a list of on-site disability service providers, such as toilet and shower facilities plus a list of skilled staff who can add to the festival experience, e.g BSL signers. We can vary the size of the provision according to the demand and can adapt our work to specific requirements or specialist areas.

Further information

We have green/environmentally aware standards and guidelines that we work within. We do not offer personal care, crèche, or childcare services. We can also support any other CIC or charitable festival applying for funding to ensure these services are provided as fully as possible. For further information, and for the fees charged for any of the above services, please contact get in touch via our contact page:.

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